Electrical Emergency

What indicates an electrical emergency? You may have noticed that we are available 24/7 for emergencies. What you may be wondering is what an electrical emergency actually is. First of all if there is a fire, that is an obvious emergency and you need to call 911 immediately. However If the outlet is not burning … Continue reading Electrical Emergency

Outdoor Electrical

Outdoor Electrical Safety Tips When you want to head outside to enjoy your deck or patio you are probably not thinking about electrical safety when you plug in your Bluetooth speakers, your cocktail blender or your patio lights.  However, there is no better way to ruin a great party or a relaxing evening than to … Continue reading Outdoor Electrical

Rewiring Your Home

Benefits of rewiring your home Rewiring your home can provide countless benefits. It can keep a home safe from potential electrical fires and allow the electronics and lighting in your home running flawlessly. After all, today’s modern age gadgets need a lot more energy than past kinds used in your grandparent’s day and age to … Continue reading Rewiring Your Home

10 Tips to Save Money

10 Tips to Save Money on Your Electric Bill Stop letting your monthly electric bill get the best of you and your wallet. Many homeowners are in search of saving money on their bills.  Winter and summer months will show major increases in your electrical usage along with a spike in the price you pay. There … Continue reading 10 Tips to Save Money

Repair Chewed Wires

Repair Chewed Wires Now Before its Too Late! During the cold winter months, animals such as squirrels, chipmunks, and mice may find their way into your attic, basement or garage.  They may go unnoticed until you have an odd problem with your electrical shorting out or worse a fire.  Now is the time to inspect … Continue reading Repair Chewed Wires