Outdoor Electrical


Outdoor Electrical Safety Tips

When you want to head outside to enjoy your deck or patio you are probably not thinking about electrical safety when you plug in your Bluetooth speakers, your cocktail blender or your patio lights.  However, there is no better way to ruin a great party or a relaxing evening than to have a problem with your outdoor outlets.  Here are a few outdoor electrical safety tips that you should follow before you head out to relax.

Electrical outlets

Outdoor outlets are susceptible to harsher conditions.  Each outlet should be protected by a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) to protect you and your family against electrocution.  Also, outdoor outlets should have a weatherproof cover.  Protection from moisture is imperative to prevent shock or fire.

Extension cords

Did you know that not all extension cords are meant to be used outdoors?  When using extension cords make sure they are specifically designed for outdoor use, otherwise, they may not be weatherproof and this could cause a safety hazard.  Also, you should be using an up to date extension cord that has 3 prongs with 3 slot outlets, older hand me down extension cords may not be safe.

Electrical equipment

If you have a pool, spa or even a fountain you must check that no cords are in direct contact with the water.  It’s also good practice to unplug equipment when not in use.  All cords that are near any type of water feature must also be plugged into GFCI outlets.  If electrical equipment ever becomes wet, be sure to carefully unplug it and dry it out before using it again.  Be sure to have regular pool and spa equipment inspections.

Before you head outside for your next gathering be sure to follow these safety tips.  Call a licensed electrician if you have any issues or questions. Anytime Electric is available 24/7 for residential and commercial jobs big and small. Call 201-398-6592